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Dr. Raney is a member of the American Psychiatric Association
Council on Healthcare Systems and Finance, and Chair of the APA's Workgroup on Integrated Care. She is a Senior Clinical Instructor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado, Denver School of Medicine, and former Medical Director for Axis Health System in Durango, Colorado. Dr. Raney is a principal with Health Management Associates.
"I think of Lori's work with the APA as being model for creating a tipping point in the profession of psychiatry...through a very aggressive and focused plan, she and the integrated care group have worked to create excitement in the early implementers and open minds in the skeptics. Their work was tied into the Council on Healthcare systems and finance to give it a place to tie into APA leadership, but it is a kind of example of "disruptive technology" in APA."
Bringing Primary Care and Behavioral Health Together...
The Future of Health Care
Anita Everett MD, DFAFA
Section Director
Community and General Psychiatry
Johns Hopkins Bayveiw Medical Center
Dr. Raney established Collaborative Care Consulting to promote a flexible approach for Primary Care and Behavioral Health integration, while defining expanded roles for psychiatrists and primary care physicians in integrated/collaborative health care.
"Integrated Care is a structured approach to health care delivery, where general medical and behavioral health conditions are treated concurrently. The evidence base indicates that it improves outcomes, helps contain costs, and increases both patient & provider satisfaction."
Lori Raney, M.D.
Lori Raney, M.D.
"In recognition of her constant clinical educational and advocacy leadership in integrated care"
Dr Raney receives a "Special Presidential Commendation bestowed with gratitude"
at the Americal Psychiatric Association 168th Annual Meeting. Toronto, Canada
APA President
Paul Summergrad, M.D.